The Shepherd (YA Paranormal)

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Intrigued yet? Dymphna and Kelpie are no strangers to death, living in a violent world controlled by mob bosses.

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A must read for fans of organized-crime stories, Australia, and ghosts. So, everyone. Add to Bag. A Great and Terrible Beauty , by Libba Bray An all-girls boarding school in Victorian England hides a terrible secret, and the recently bereaved Gemma Doyle and her friends must tap into a hidden power to save their world and a magical realm from those who would use its power to do harm.

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This series is all forbidden love, corsets, and magic, wrapped up in a delightful Victorian English package. Obviously I have a soft spot for Libba Bray, but who can blame me when she just keeps turning out these great historical paranormal novels with badass heroines?

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Only Anita stuck by me. Worse, I keep having strange clairvoyant visions of things that always come true. Then I almost ran over Nadia in my Geo. A passing truck finished the job — left a crumpled heap of skin and bone on the road. I fixed her.

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I sorta let her sneak in my window when she needs a place to crash. I have a double life: daytime at school, Anita, skating, and then my nights with Nadia. My world is spinning out of control.

The Prophet, the Shepherd, and the Star!

The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy. Travis on Facebook as TW Luedke.

Lenore Appelhans and Megan Shepherd on their daring debuts

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