12 Whipped Princes and Other Gay Spanking Fairy Tales

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Castle Handyman's Collection of Stories. The stories of five authors are collected here. C-Red's Collection of spanking stories from the a. Pink Flamingo Publications. Lizabeth Dusseau's spanking novels and other fiction have been published by Masquerade Books, as well as by CF Publications and other spanking oriented periodicals. The FlogMaster is gone??

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Index of Spanking Stories. A HUGE collection of spanking stories. An FTP site. Arranged in alphabetical order with file size listed. Be sure to save this huge index file. Archives from alt. An important collection! The Louvre Site. To contact Louvre collection send e-mail to: louvre dido. For other information contact dhumberma copper.

Collected by Jimka. Arranged by title. KDMtoo aol. Penelope Neri - Desert Captive. Jude Deveraux - Highland Velvet. Oh, and there is an old old Harlequin romance - Anne Hampson's - To Tame a Vixen - with several spanking scenes in it but they never get to the sex part in those. A good place for spanking devotees to start their web browsing. Information, fiction, commentary at the site. The insider coverage is very impressive. Dushi's Spanking Page Sponsored by Spanking. Frame arrangement. One Olivia De Bernardinis graphic.

Laura's Spanking Corner Collected stories, spanking questions and answers, summer story contest, kinks and links. Spanking focus. Spanking Central "For the last ten years Spanking Central has been providing information, entertainment and networking services for the spanking community. Centralizing everything that deals with Spanking.

Our focus is to provide a safe and sane comfort level for ALL spankophiles- from the dedicated to the curious. Spanking U Enterprises. Audiotapes, the spanking magazine "Glowing Results" which has personal ads, phone spank. The Ultimate Spanking Archive.

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Commerical site: photos, fiction, news and information. PornoPass Verification. London, Duckworth, Fascinating Facts by Colin Farrell. Many articles on CP in history. By James Cleugh.

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London, Anthony Bond, A man who enjoyed being whipped. Spanking Terms in Other Languages. Questions and Answers about Spanking by Laura Werner. Many nonfiction articles on spanking, caning, BDSM, and fetishes. By Gloria G. Brame, William D. Brame, and Jon Jacobs. Comments: A first rate work! Informative, accurate, and insightful commentary. Sound historical observations. An outstanding collection of interviews with active participants in the scene. Many heterosexual couples are featured. In , Mitch Kessler and Gerrie Blum took over this publication.

Black and white photographs, essays, informative articles, interviews, ads, classified ads, drawings, resource guides, bibliographies, and illustrations. Formerly pre published by Desmodus, Inc.

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Former publisher Anthony F. DeBlase aka Fledermaus. Managing editor Fledermaus, Joseph W.

Editor Carol Truscott. In , the editor was Pat Califia. A spiralbound text. References, resources, glossary. Good information on spanking techniques. I am looking for the new editon of Jay's work to read. Be reasonable, be safe, be willing to learn as you explore the realms of erotic spanking and flagellation with your consenting adult partner.

Don't hit others when you are angry, upset, disappointed, judgmental, sad, or tired. When both adults are refreshed, healthy, happy, playful, and ready to give and take and share erotic pleasure, then is the time to open the toy chest with the implements we masochists so treasure. Safe whipping involves a number of factors: 1 the type of implement used, 2 the force of the strike and the number of strikes, 3 the technique of striking, 4 the location of the strike on the body of the spankee, 5 the musculature, pain tolerance, masochistic swoon level, and will of the spankee, 6 the adherence to safe-sane-consent BDSM rules, and 6 the musculature, experience and will of the spanker.

Generally, for safety, areas of the body with deeper layers of muscle and fat and flesh are the favored locations for the strike: buttocks, sides of upper thighs, muscular back-shoulder, etc.. Avoid any hard strikes on areas near any joints, over vital organs, and on areas were the flesh is inadequate to protect blood vessels, nerves, tendons, e.

Alexander Wilder (Author of Little Red-Bottomed Riding Hood)

Each instrument has an area of acceptable safe use depending on the force of the strike, for examples: a heavy wooden paddle is realistically for use on the big-ass only, a small multi-tassled leather flogger might be OK for the genitals if used with light to mild force, a flexible crop could be applied to a variety of areas on the body if it is more lightly applied, a leather strap might be OK for the upper back of a strong person if the striking force is moderate, a hand can be used with various levels of force on the bare butt, or a true cane might best be left for use on the ass and upper outer thighs.

Some of the most popular erotic spanking implements include: bare hand, light paddle, hairbrush, belt, and cane. Spankers need to know their tools, practice their aim, be aware of the spankee's ability to take a whipping, control their application of force, understand the scenario action and script requirements, and know where not to strike.

Spanking sounds like hard work, a variant of erotic massage? That is another reason why a good Top can attract and command a diligent and reliable submissive. For more instructions on safe whipping techniques read the informative document "An Introduction to Flogging. Found in Dungeon Master Issue 47, , pp. Top and bottom players in a spanking session need to discuss desires and preferences before they begin the scene.

At what level of experience are the players? Start fast or start slowly? What kind of time do the players have? What are the Top's needs and comfort zone?


Does the submissive want verbal exchanges that support some type of punishment, bad adult-child, misbehavior correction, CP or discipline scenario? What kind of instruments are preferred, what kind are very undesirable? Where does the masochist want to be whipped?

How hard of a strike? What bodily position of the submissive is desired? Does the bottom want marks? How long should the marks last? How many strikes? Counting out strokes while being whipped? What safe word indiciates that immediate stopping is needed, what word indicates a green light for more spanking action?

Does the bottom want to be bound while being whipped? As with any kind of sexual behavior, the partners need to communicate their needs, negotiate, and plan ahead. Once the spanking formalities and etiquette are agreeably arranged, the enthusiastic participants can enjoy themselves. So, take a deep breath, step up to and grasp the post, squat a little, thrust your butt out, wait, and deeply enjoy your lover's administration of these stunning delights: THWacK!

She gently kissed me on the cheek.

Then She stepped back, raised up the thick double leather strap, held Her arm high, and Thwack kK!!! Spanking just one topic here.