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It's not like I was running with the most sober of crowds.

Novak eventually became too much to handle for even the Jackass crew, and Bam kicked Novak out of the studio for having heroin on him during a taping of the Sirius show, Radio Bam , and later kicked him off an Australian tour. At Novak's lowest, he was homeless and selling his body on the streets of Baltimore for a fix while using dirty needles and contracting Hepatitis C.

His own mom issued a restraining order against him. At rock bottom, he entered rehab once again and remains sober to this day. He has a documentary in the works, a graphic novel, and a re-release of his book Dreamseller , with an updated ending focused on his return to rehab. The accident that took his and Dunn's lives occurred just around the corner from Hartwell's home, on his own property — Hartwell's new wife, Rachel, heard the impact of the crash.

Dunn's girlfriend, Angie, had been a bridesmaid at their wedding.

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Hartwell was a veteran who had served two tours of duty in Iraq. The two friends had been out that night in celebration of a business deal that involved a documentary they were making together. Photographs appearing on Twitter that night showed Dunn and Hartwell toasting over drinks at a local bar.

Hartwell's father, George Hartwell, told Hollywood Life in that the Hartwell family had no intention of suing the Dunn estate over the accident, saying, "Why would we sue? Zac made the same mistakes… why should I make a monetary gain on my son's death?


In January of , a group of teens in Marysville, CA thought it would be a fun idea to reenact one of the stunts they had seen in Jackass: The Movie. King, aided by the help of other school friends, attached the merry-go-round to a pickup truck with a piece of rope. King then drove the truck at high speed, resulting in MacKinnon being violently thrown from the merry-go-round onto pavement, fatally injuring her.

Sadly, MacKinnon isn't the only person to suffer death due to this same stunt gone wrong. A German group of daredevils known as the "Bavarian Dumbasses" attempted to replicate it in , this time attaching a year-old man by the name of Tobias to a playground merry-go-round using duct tape.

A BMW pulled the merry-go-round with rope, but the duct tape didn't hold, and Tobias was pronounced dead at the scene. In early , year-old Jason Lind , with the help of two friends, doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire, apparently inspired by two fiery stunts they'd watched Johnny Knoxville perform on Jackass. The main difference, of course, was that Knoxville was wearing a protective fireproof suit at the time, and surrounded by a pyrotechnic expert and safety crew. Lind survived, but ended up covered with second and third degree burns.

A teen on the scene reportedly told firefighters , "They were playing Jackass. Despite the numerous verbal and visual warnings the show had already presented to viewers, the Lind incident was the motivation for then-Senator Joe Lieberman to accuse MTV of irresponsible broadcasting, urging the network to move the show to a later time slot, or cancel it entirely.

By April of that year, Jackass had moved to its new later time slot, and once again changed the wording of their disclaimer. Lind returned to school that year; as his mother told the Atlantic , "He is glad he is able to walk. Smith's SUV. Smith drove the vehicle around a parking lot, pulling Bieberle, until the shopping cart hit a speed bump, ejecting Bieberle from the cart and killing him at the scene. Bieberle's father told the Orlando Sentinel that his son had been watching Jackass , which he believed had "absolutely something to do with the accident.

For his part in the horrific events, Smith was sentenced to four years in prison, followed by 11 years' probation. His drivers' license was also permanently revoked. Bieberle's father told the Sentinel , "I'm happy about the guilty conviction, but I would have liked if [Smith] received more years in prison. There's no shortage of stories and reports of debilitating and deadly accidents that witnesses, police, and emergency personnel at the scene surmised might have been inspired by Jackass.

In Indiana, year-old Aaron Brown was killed when the van he was travelling in with friends crashed as they sped across railroad tracks. A videotape with the friends' other stunt attempts was discovered on the scene. Ramiro shot too high, and Mitchell was killed. The two, along with friends, had filmed the stunt with plans to upload it online. Moments before his death, Mitchell told the camera, I'm going to put Baltimore on the map.

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Lives that were destroyed by Jackass

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Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Cancel Resend Email. Jackass 3 Add Article. Jackass 3 Critics Consensus The Jackass gang might be running out of gross-out stunts, but this installment contains plenty of brilliantly brain-dead comedy -- and the 3-D adds a pungent new dimension. Want to see. Super Reviewer. View All Photos Movie Info. Johnny Knoxville and his buddies are up to their daredevil comic antics again. And this time they're coming at ya' in 3D.

R for male nudity, extremely crude and dangerous stunts throughout, and for language. Jeff Tremaine.