A Brush with the Moon (Foxblood Trilogy One) (Fosswell Chronicles Book 1)

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Parts of the novel were hard to follow. The writing was a bit jumpy. Things would happen kind of suddenly that were confusing.

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I was roped Into the novel by the romantical interest between the main character, Sebastian, and Connor. That was the only thing that kept me reading to the end. This novel contains moderately graphic make-out scenes and mild language. Not for the LDS reader. LisaRector Sep 28, Well the story was well written, however I had a hard time getting to the end.

It kinda dragged in several places to me. The characters were great though. Well written and fabulous story line.

Celestra Series (Books 1-2)

The characters are hilarious and it has every character you can think of from the home body to the bully to the high school prom queen and so much more. What can you do when you become a beacon to the underworld and didnt even know it? You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Foxblood Trilogy 1. Fosswell Chronicles 2.

References to this work on external resources. Wikipedia in English None. No library descriptions found. Alysa H reviewed on on Feb. This had a lot going for it, and in the beginning I liked it a lot - promising characters in Sophie and her friends, some nice gothic mystery trappings - but as it went on it was rather disappointing. There is a lot of complex, original supernatural mythology, but it didn't have nearly enough world-building.

It was all crammed into one book at a weird kind of fast pace - it almost felt like watching a movie on Fast-Forward!

Also, I could never get a real handle on who Sophie was as a person. Her characterization was kind of inconsistent, which was fine for other characters whose motivations remain mysterious to help drive the plot, but mostly just confusing in the lead POV. I also had issue with the grammar throughout - mostly with commas, or lack thereof. In short, there were some nice ideas here, but it felt more like a first draft than a polished novel.

LivedOneThousandLives reviewed on on Jan. Overall: This book was good. I enjoyed the story line and the characters. I also liked the setting, it sounded very pretty. I liked the idea behind the Sophie and Tokala thing.

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If you've read it you know what I am talking about. I wish it went more into detail there, because I really liked that. I'm not a huge fan of vampire and werewolf books, but this one was a better one.


TeamNerd Reviews: I HEART YA: Book Spotlight: Foxblood Trilogy by Raquel Lyon

It was a little unsuspenseful but maybe I wasn't emotionally invested in the story for some weird reason. I did a review on that book a little while ago. I just don't think this type of book is my cup of tea, you know? All-in-all it was good.

Boy Next Door (Parkside Avenue Book 2)

There wasn't anything that I absolutely hated about it, but there also wasn't anything I loved. People are dying, secrets are big, and danger hides in every shadow.

And why does she find a creepy, old house and the boy who lives there so compelling? Check out on Goodreads! Purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

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Her love life has certainly improved, but that has brought about its own complications. Her new boyfriend, Sebastian, is not human and, as if that weren't enough, his cousin, Connor, won't take no for an answer. Sophie must decide which is stronger, her loyalty to Sebastian or her growing feelings for Connor. And love is not Sophie's only battle.