A Pour Way to Dye (Soapmaking Mysteries, No. 2) (The Soapmaking Mysteries)

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The mixture flowed down the slopes to the banks of the Tiber River where washerwomen were cleaning clothes. Inexplicably, their clothing cleaned easier and more quickly once mixed with this unknown substance, which we now know as soap. Soapmaking is a craft and profession dating back in time for thousands of years.

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Today, mass produced soap is commonly available, but handcrafted soap is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Handmade soaps may use more costly and exotic ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil or soothing herbs and extracts, resulting in soap that is unique and luxurious. While other types of soap have been around for thousands of years, melt and pour, also known as "glycerin" or "casting" soap, is a relative newcomer.

Soapmakers devised the concept of making transparent soap in the s, hoping that a clear soap would appeal to consumers as more natural.

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This glycerin soap is also easy to work with. It's as simple as melting down a premade block of soap, adding scents and color and pouring it in a mold.


The soap is ready for use in just an hour. Hand milled soap, also known as "rebatching" soap, is made by taking premade soap scraps and melting them into a liquid.

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  • This method renders a completely natural bar of soap without the need to work with lye. Hand milled soap only takes a few hours to make, but requires several weeks to cure. It is more difficult to get consistent results with this technique and the final product may appear lumpy.

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    Basic soap is created when fats such as tallow, lard, coconut oil or olive oil are blended with lye that has been dissolved in water. As the two are stirred together, a chemical reaction, or saponification, takes place, changing everything into soap, as well as the by-product glycerin, a natural emollient.

    A well made bar of soap has no free lye in it and is gentle and cleansing. It's easy to create your own handmade soaps. To get started, all you need is a soap block, color and scent. Blending Color Chart. Achieve all new colors by adding small amounts of a second color to the first color. Adding a drop of black to any color will make it a deeper shade. Hand milled soap, made from melted scraps of premade soap, can be wonderfully creamy and airy.

    Place one pound of chopped-up soap in a crockpot. Add one cup of water or milk. Pour liquid soap into molds. Let the soap age for a few weeks so that the bars will harden. Aging will ensure that your soap doesn't dissolve too quickly in water. The basic process of making soap is fairly uncomplicated. However, before getting started, you'll want to read up on the cold process method.

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    Historically, basic soap was made from animal fats such as tallow fat from beef and lard fat from pork. These days most handmade soap is made from plant-derived vegetable oils such as olive, coconut, avocado and others. Fats are best for cleaning and oils are best for suds, so a combination of fats and oils makes the nicest soap. Mix the specified amount of water and lye together in a plastic bowl, stirring until fully dissolved. In a separate pan, melt the specified amount of vegetable oils or fats in a pot, and then remove from heat.

    Continue cooking for about one hour. The chemical reaction will make the soap stock thicken like pudding. Pour into one large mold.

    Candles and crime Raised at the Poison Ivy Orphanage, young Griffin has nearly lost hope when a stranger comes through with magic crystals that focus powers in the young. The magici While they are there, murder pays a v Benjamin Perkins believed that his family's specialty soap store would clean up by hosting a celebratory event for its clientele.

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    But he just can't keep his customers' hands from getting dirty when it comes to murder After c Benjamin Perkins is carrying a full load--keeping his family specialty soap store afloat and his quirky clan from making waves. But he's just landed in a tub of trouble over a slippery thing called murder Where There's Smoke Harrison Black was looking forward to a peaceful morning kayaking on the Gunpowder River just before opening up his candle shop, At Wick's End. The last thing he expected was to find the body of his idealistic ex-girlfriend Benjamin Perkins thought he had his hands full taking care of his family's specialty soap store and keeping his quirky clan in line and out of trouble.

    But he's about to learn that when it comes to murder, there's no such thing as a clean getaway True, her candle shop was a rival t Any parent who has ever been sleep-deprived will smile at this richly illustrated, lively original folktale that reassures us that all babies are good babies — and that patient love can foil even the worst-laid plans. A troll-baby living with humans Now, the unlikely heir to a candle shop is unwittingly thrust into the middle of a strange murder--and he'll be burning the midnight oil until he can figure this one out Since Harrison Black inherited his aunt's candle shop and its shopping com Innkeeper Alex Winston watches over the cozy getaway, and guests count on him to take care of everything from basic Jack, be nimble Harrison Black knows nothing about candlemaking.


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