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Illustrator Anna Mill grew up in the very rural countryside of Yorkshire, England. Living in a small village, she was always fascinated by cities, and wanted to get to the biggest city in the country as soon as possible.

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Giving into the lure of city life she went on to study at UCL, and found her calling in an architecture course that consisted of both architecture and fine art, that was deeply rooted in conceptual thinking and free, imaginative design. What eventually became an eight year labor of love began simply as a competition entry. Anna and fellow student Luke Jones entered a four page comic book into a graphic short story competition run by The Observer. The pair were slightly disappointed with the finished work, even though they came in second place, but despite this they were approached by a literary agent who had seen something special in them.


He helped them put together a proposal for a full-length book, Anna doing the illustrations and Luke working with her on the story. And that was it; Anna left her architecture course and they fell down a graphic novel rabbit hole.

The story of Square Eyes follows female protagonist, Fin, and is based around the premise of augmented reality, a virtual reality in which the real, material world is enhanced by computer-generated visuals. And do that to the entire environment!

Anna and Luke liked the idea that people would want to move to areas where technology has been fully integrated with their surroundings. To emphasise the differences between the two extremes, she and Luke decided that digital parts of the city would be shown in full color and the real physical material of the city would be shown in grayscale.

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Anna likens this idea of the online and offline worlds to a person living in an area that has no WiFi or internet connectivity of any kind, assuming that they might be desperate to move to a more connected area. While this assumption might be based on her own childhood in a rural area, I wondered though, if a small percentage of the population might actively seek out the offline parts of the city.

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The augmented reality technology begins to cause problems, but Anna is keen to emphasise that this is because of the way it is being used by an evil, dictatorial company, rather than because of the technology itself. This is where the story again relates to the real world, to our own complicated relationships with technology. It seems all too common now for questions to arise around whether the speed at which technology is advancing is a good thing.

Who is really doing the controlling?

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