Computer Consciousness Anomalies Of 9-11 (Best of The Heavy Stuff)

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Physicalism Without Dependence. Consciousness: What Is It Like?

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Remarks on Consciousness Chapters. Honderich on Freedom, Determinism, and Meaning in Life.

Black swan theory

Attitudinism, the Compatibility Question, and Ballung Concepts. Remarks on Papers on Determinism and Freedom. Some Notes on the Principle of Humanity. Ted Honderich and Terrorism. Terrorism, Humanity, and a Plurality of Principles.

By default the latest reported values are shown with the corresponding detailed metrics below for that point in time. You can also mouse over the plot to see the historical latency values and click on a time of the plot to view the detailed metrics below. This can be useful when a sudden spike is seen. If you see a spike and want to investigate further, click on the spike and evaluate the details below. Here we can see the data has been pulled into the cache and is now being served from DRAM:. VDI is mainly random, whereas Hadoop would primarily be sequential.

Other workloads will be a mix of both. For example, a database might be random on inserts or some queries, however sequential during ETL. To get detailed capacity planning details you can click on a specific cluster under the 'cluster runway' section in Prism Central to get more details:. This view provides detailed information on cluster runway and identifies the most constrained resource limiting resource.

You can also get detailed information on what the top consumers are as well as some potential options to clean up additional capacity or ideal node types for cluster expansion.

This Computer Simulation Explains How the Twin Towers Fell

However, another core ability are the APIs which are available for automation. This allows customers and partners to enable automation, 3rd-party tools, or even create their own UI. Here are the main interfaces:. To learn more about the APIs and review sample code, be sure to check out developer.

These capabilities were enabled in releases after 4. I just use these commands as part of my scripting to automate tasks. Example: vm. Description: Create a recurring snapshot schedule and replication to n remote sites. Windows PowerShell is a powerful shell hence the name ;P and scripting language built on the.

NET framework. It is a very simple to use language and is built to be intuitive and interactive. CMDlets are commands or. NET classes which perform a particular operation. For example: Get-Process, Set-Partition, etc. Piping is an important construct in PowerShell similar to its use in Linux and can greatly simplify things when used correctly. The pipeline can be as long as required assuming there remains output which is being fed to the next section of the pipe.

A very simple example could be getting the current processes, finding those that match a particular trait or filter and then sorting them:. Below are a few of the key object types in PowerShell.

The Nutanix Bible

You can easily get the object type by using the. Note: You can also set a variable to the output of a series or pipeline of commands:.

In this example the commands inside the parentheses will be evaluated first then variable will be the outcome of that. Acropolis is a back-end service that allows for workload and resource management, provisioning, and operations. Its goal is to abstract the facilitating resource e. This gives workloads the ability to seamlessly move between hypervisors, cloud providers, and platforms. The figure highlights an image illustrating the conceptual nature of Acropolis at various layers:. The Volumes API and read-only operations are still supported on all.

Similar to other components which have a Master, if the Acropolis Master fails, a new one will be elected. Efficient scheduling of resources is critical to ensure resources are effectively consumed. This ensures that resources are effectively consumed and end-user performance is optimal. The original Acropolis Scheduler had taken care of the initial placement decisions since its release. With its release in AOS 5. Estimated demand is calculated using historical utilization values and fed into a smoothing algorithm. This estimated demand is what is used to determine movement, which ensures a sudden spike will not skew decisions.

NOTE: how aggressively it tries to eliminate skew is determined by the balancing configuration e. But why? Unless there is contention for resources there is no positive gain from "balancing" workloads. In fact by forcing unnecessary movement we cause additional requisite work e. The Acropolis Dynamic Scheduler does just this, it will only invoke workload movement if there is expected contention for resources, not because of skew. NOTE: Acropolis DSF works in a different way and works to ensure uniform distribution of data throughout the cluster to eliminate hot spots and speed up rebuilds.

To learn more of DSF, check out the 'disk balancing' section. The scheduler will make its best effort to optimize workload placement based upon the prior items. The system places a penalty on movement to ensure not too many migrations are taking place. This is a key item as we want to make sure the movement doesn't have any negative impacts on the workload. After a migration the system will judge its "effectiveness" and see what the actual benefit is.

Black 9/ A Walk on the Dark Side

This learning model can self-optimize to ensure there is a valid basis for any migration decision. Security is a core part of the Nutanix platform and was kept in mind from day one. The system ships secure from the factory, rather than being an afterthought requiring end-users to "harden" the platform. This new innovation checks all components of the documented security baselines STIGs , and if found to be non-compliant, sets it back to the supported security settings without customer intervention.

  • 9/11: Finally the Truth Comes Out?!
  • Leah Mordecai.
  • The Suppliants [Annotated] (With Active Table of Contents).
  • Run on a single CVM sudo salt-call state. The list below gives all commands and functions:.

    Some Voting Machines Still Have Decade-Old Vulnerabilities

    By default the DoD knowledge of consent login banner is used. To utilize a custom banner follow the following steps run as the Nutanix user on any CVM :. This command enables or disables the Department of Defense DoD knowledge of consent login banner when loging in to any Nutanix hypervisor. Once you've added some key s and have validated access with them, you can disable password based login, by un-checking 'Enable Remote Login with Password.

    Data encryption is a method that allows parties to encode data in a manner that only those who are authorized can make sense of the data, making it unintelligible for anyone who is unauthorized.

    Chapter 2: What is it like to be . . .?

    For example, if I have a message I want to send to someone and ensure only they can read it, I can encrypt the message plaintext with a cipher key and send them the encrypted message ciphertext. If this message is stolen or intercepted the attacker can only see the ciphertext which is mostly useless without having the cipher to decipher the message.