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Heteronotus flavolineatus Laporte, Laporte, Heteronotus flavomaculatus Fonseca, Fonseca, Heteronotus formicoides Sakakibara, Sakakibara, Heteronotus fuscoflavus Boulard, Boulard, Ranatra glandifera Lesson, Lesson, Membracis horrida Fabricius, Fabricius, Heteronotus jauffreti Boulard, Boulard, Heteronotus maculatus Sakakibara, Sakakibara, Heteronotus modestus Boulard, Boulard, Heteronotus nigrogiganteus Boulard, Boulard, Membracis nodosa Germar, Germar, Heteronotus pertyi Metcalf and Wade, Metcalf and Wade, Heteronotus pompanoni Boulard, Boulard, Heteronotus poupougni Boulard, Boulard, Heteronotus quadrinodosus Fairmaire, Fairmaire, Dominus Malory recordatur utrasque versiones in "le morte d'Arthur", in lingua prisca gallica et eas confundit in eis vocandis "Excalibur".

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Pellicula Excalibur Iohannis Boorman conatur rectiores res fieri; in qua Domina Lacus, ense fracto, solum eum reficit. Vicimedia Communia plura habent quae ad Caliburnum spectant. Categoriae : Res fabularum Arthurianarum Arma.

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The album also contains two original compositions. The first single released from the album was a remake of "Giving Up Giving In", which had originally been a hit for The Three Degrees in Easton's version was less successful, peaking at 54 on the UK Singles Chart. However, this too was unsuccessful and shelved indefinitely.

  1. “Fabulosus” means fabulous in Latin.
  2. Caliburnus.
  3. Twelfth Night: a Regency novella.
  4. In Australia, Fabulous was released on 24 February and Easton was asked to perform songs from the album to close out Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras ceremonies. The album was a commercial failure in the UK, though the album did enjoy mild success in dance clubs in London, Japan, and Australia.

    Dictionarium latino-anglicum

    The album was only released throughout continental Europe, Japan, Australia, and Argentina. What you call affectless irony is for me a fabulous adventure, a rush of sexual excitement: a frenzied yet precise exploration of the unimagined depths of cyberspace, and of the expanded dimensions of my skin. A fabulous narrative is introduced here, that, when the king of the Veientians was offering sacrifice, the voice of the aruspex, declaring that the victory was given to him who should cut up the entrails of that victim, having been heard in the mine, incited the Roman soldiers to burst open the mine, carry off the entrails, and bring them to the dictator.

    And now he was equally resentful of awaking, for he had found his fabulous city after forty weary years. Among these reliefs were fabulous monsters of abhorrent grotesqueness and malignity--half ichthyic and half batrachian in suggestion--which one could not dissociate from a certain haunting and uncomfortable sense of pseudomemory, as if they called up some image from deep cells and tissues whose retentive functions are wholly primal and awesomely ancestral.

    Simona Halep had suffered from a herniated disc during the Wuhan Open earlier this month.

    So they filled their fantasy world with fabulous machines -- machines that ploughed the sod, cut and baled the grain, even milked the cattle. There were many of them, for all the city of Inquanok was builded of onyx, whilst great polished blocks of it were traded in Rinar, Ogrothan, and Celephais and at home with the merchants of Thraa, Flarnek, and Kadatheron, for the beautiful wares of those fabulous ports.

    go He then presented me to his family, and I thought that I could read on the countenance of my cousin, his dearly beloved wife, that she was not much pleased with the newly-found relationship, but his pretty daughter, and a still prettier niece of his, might very easily have given me faith in the doctrine that blood is thicker than water, however fabulous it may be. In front of the windows were simple, iron plant stands, each bearing a pot of fabulous white cymbidium orchids. The amounts at which the lands formerly held by the chief Daimios, but now patriotically given up by them to the Mikado, were assessed, sound fabulous.