Magicks Daughter (Magick Series Book 1)

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Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 04, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance-urban-fiction , read. This was fun! The writing, the main characters, and the pacing are all excellent. As an additional bonus this book also features a magically-abled talking cat who is hilariously rude. It turns out you really might not want to know what your cat is thinking at all times. Unfortunately the 'whodunnit' mystery, for me, ended on a 'who cares? But the romance is a nice slow-burn with an undercurrent of chemistry between the two main leads. So all in al This was fun!

So all in all, I'll definitely pick up the next one in this series. View all 11 comments. This book is so funny! This is a must read for anyone that wants a good laugh and listen to a good story. Ivy is a witch but she is too smart for her own good. She is lazy and so she uses her 'smarts' to help her laziness. She is also a taxi driver and uses her magic to cope with unruly passengers.

All is well until she is accidentally bond to an attractive Agent from the Order of Magic. She has to stay with him until she can figure out a way to unbind the spell, or days. He likes exercise, order, and everything she doesn't.

Daughter of Chaos by Jen McConnel

It is so funny! I giggled all the way through it! So fun! The narrator is fabulous! She is just what you would think Ivy would be and all the other characters! She is perfect! I can't say enough positive things about the narration of this book! Just perfect! Sep 08, Lindsay rated it really liked it. Ivy Wilde is a witch who was kicked out of the Order early in her career. Despite being brilliant and powerful, she's taken that as the cue to aggressively slack off.

Years later the Order forces itself back into her life in the form of a magical binding with Order hot-shot Raphael Winter. Before long Ivy is tagging along in a magical investigation and turning heads while doing it, despite the personality clash between her committed slacker attitude and the stick up Rafe's butt. This is light stuff, but it's funny and entertaining.

I appreciated the attempts to fill out the world. Yes, the Order is full of ambitious people and office politics, but there's an aside that shows the point of it all. Yes, the work Ivy puts into her laziness doesn't make a lot of sense either, but Rafe has a great theory on that too. And the book is almost worth reading just for the punchline at the end. View 1 comment. Very light, in both senses of the word. It reads easily, but as a UF it lacks a tight, logical mystery. They don't really sleuth, they stumble around. World-building is pretty confused too, that thin layer's that there..

The plot is what makes less sense to me. An armageddon that births nothing at all. It's pretty absurd. Overall, there's not really much to this book, except maybe a likable heroine.

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But as I said it reads easily. View all 7 comments.

Book 1 of the Kalika Magic series by Karen Hughes

Jun 16, Nadia Awadi rated it really liked it. No, my breasts do not impair my ability to drive. With a title like: Lazy Girl's Guide to Magic, it's hard not to relate. Driving her car. Eating pizza. And never leaving her couch. But things are about change. She's going to have to work at The Order again. With their most hard-working witch: Winter Raphael.

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And like they say, opposits attract. Let's hope they don't kill each other first. The Charac No, my breasts do not impair my ability to drive. I loved her to bits. If I didn't relate to her. Who would? I loved that she was okay with her place in the world. I think ambition is overrated sometimes.

With her being a taxi driver. Someone call the feminist community. We have a female taxi driver in a book! At first, I was interested in him yet didn't actually like him.

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After a while, our rocky relationship lead to a smooth sailing. Once he turned on his swoon. I really liked that he was honest, loved his work and earnest in everything he does. Nor Raphael. Really liked it.

Mission Game

Thank you for reading and hope you have a good day! Ivy is a sassy,, confident, and most importantly smart witch She is definitely getting added to my ever-growing book BFF list This book definitely got its five star rating based on the fact that these characters were absolutely fantastic! Not just Ivy but Winter as well, they just played off each other so well The world was well developed yet simple and I appreciate that There was definitely some chemistry between Ivy and Winter, it was slow burning another thing I appreciated an Ivy is a sassy,, confident, and most importantly smart witch There was definitely some chemistry between Ivy and Winter, it was slow burning another thing I appreciated and I thought the best part of it was that Winter truly respected Ivy for the witch that she is Definitely going to need to read some more from this author All the other characters had an English accent, I appreciated the fact that she did not narrate in an English accent the entire time, but there are a lot of really good English narrators I got this a while ago and put it off because I don't find the lazy thing terribly appealing.

Once I picked it up, though, I had a hard time stopping and found myself closing the book okay, turning off the Surface late at night with a contented sigh. I just loved Ivy and Winter didn't suck, even up front when he was being a pain. And here's my disclaimer and the reason you can probably ignore this review because this is all about personal taste. The world building is just barely enough to cover I got this a while ago and put it off because I don't find the lazy thing terribly appealing. The world building is just barely enough to cover the background of the story and the plot is pretty slight, even if it holds together reasonably well on scrutiny though the holding together is at least partially due to the world building supporting it, probably deliberately.

The Order has something of a lock on the higher-level training, though not as much of one as they'd like though they aren't bastards about it, like you might expect if this were more sloppily written. But it was Ivy and Winter who drove my interest, really. It turns out that Ivy has a low tolerance for boredom than it is that she is lazy.

So the whole Order thing didn't really work out for her and she folded pretty quickly when she was falsely accused of cheating some eight years ago and has been content with a job that provides lots of flexibility to experiment on her own.

source Maybe it's because I can relate having taken the easy route to my own interests myself on more than one occasion heck, that's the foundation of my career, more or less but I found her charming and her exchanges with the more hide-bound Winter were a lot of fun. And I liked Winter, too. It turns out that he's a lot more about getting the job done than following the rules and I liked how he gave Ivy the respect she earned as soon as she earned it—and not before.

Since she earned his respect, at least partially, pretty early on that meant I allowed myself to like him pretty early on, too. I particularly liked his counter-perspective on the Order and how he took explicit pains to show Ivy the good side to counter her experiences with the ambition-grubbing jerkwads. And caveat about shallowish world building aside, Harper doesn't take shortcuts with her characters, even with the bad guys. I liked how the plot turned out and that I didn't catch on to what was really happening until the main characters did well, maybe a scene or two early.

There was nuance and a layer or two on the mystery and I liked both the discovery of the plot and how their methods and approach revealed the various strengths and weaknesses of Ivy and Winter and how they really kicked butt as a team.