Painters Quick Reference: Cats & Dogs (Painters Quick Reference)

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Paint your favourite furry companions! Inside you'll find more than 40 step-by-step demonstrations that clearly show how to accurately render a variety of popular pet breeds, including tabby cats, terriers, bulldogs and many more. This detailed guide contains useful painting instruction and insights from 18 experienced artists working in acrylics, watercolour and oil.

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Whether you're painting a cat or dog portrait-style or playfully posed, this book will give you plenty of ideas and tips for capturing the unique details of the animal's face, body and individual personality. This invaluable combination of in-depth painting demonstrations and inspiring ideas is guaranteed to bring you success in all your work.

If everyone in the paintings has enormous asses, then it’s Rubens.

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This book was an impulse buy, since I am doing some painting from my animal photographs. When it arrived I was very pleased to see that it is very worthwhile - there are many examples of different breeds of dogs and cats, with several different styles of painting, from oils and acrylic to watercolors. The sketches are nicely done, with lots of detail about both technique and general composition as well as examples of eyes, fur, etc.

Painting a Pet Portrait: Expert Tutorial

Definitely worth the money and a keeper. July 15, - Published on Amazon. I'm learning to draw and paint cat portraits and so the pictures are helping me become familiar with how cat fur lays and how it picks up light from different angles. Also, practicing with these photos has helped me learn physical characteristics of cats.


Maybe I will move on to learn about drawing dogs too. One kind of subject matter at a time though. But the book would be great for children too. One of my favorite portraits is of a mischievous black dog riding a unicycle in front of Grant's Tomb in New York City. What, your dog can't do that?

How to Paint a Realistic Retriever Dog in Watercolor

Before getting immersed in your art, you'll want to assemble your brushes, canvas or other work surface, and any other supplies you'll need. That way, instead of scrambling to find the things you need while you're painting, you can focus solely on the creative challenge of getting Mr.

Biggles' ears just right. An underpainting essentially a sketch of the image in paint can add dimension to your pet portrait.

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Using a color that contrasts with the palette you have in mind for the final piece will give your finished painting a more lifelike effect. Create a palette that reflects these subtle variations. Portraits of people are often painted in layers , and this technique works well with pets too. Start by creating a base layer that captures the basic colors and shapes of the face and body, then start to refine your painting by adding texture and detail.

The result of all this effort: a lovely portrait of your adorable subject. Doesn't your pet deserve it? Inbox Inspiration! Get weekly updates, articles, and inspiration.

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