Restrained and Examined by the Five Doctors (a doctor patient erotic story)

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It turned out she had been experimenting on her own with vibrators, but was hesitant to tell me what she needed. Such a weight was lifted off our shoulders. Being open and honest gave us the most incredible freedom to explore. She let me use a chart to keep notes and asked in return that I let her call me doctor and wear scrubs. We spent that entire first weekend in bed, with a handful of vibrators, and box full of batteries.

We decided then that we would need an 'office', seeing as we didn't want our bedroom to always reek of lube and sex, or have toys misplaced around the house.

Love Narratively? So do we.

It took us years to get to the point we're at now, and with me being able to preset and record much of the data, I'm more free to join her than ever before. I already lubed the dildo and checked the connection with the laptop before calling Bella into our office, so I don't waste any time lining her up with the machine. I watch as the dildo enters her vagina about an inch and I'm extra thankful I took care of myself once already.

Please, Doctor. Don't make me wait. My hope for her is that the feeling lasts. I put the brakes on the machine and press the start button on the laptop. She sighs in relief and her body relaxes into the table.

The machine strokes are set to start out slow and not very deep. Once she comes a couple more times I'll speed it up, but I've learned she can last much longer if she starts slow. I watch the monitor and look over her to be sure everything is going as it should. Her fingers are curled and her forearms are taunt, which is certainly not normal for her, and I'm instantly concerned. She lets out a frustrated grunt and shakes her head back and forth. Why are your hands so tense? Are you not enjoying the restraints? I brush my gloved fingers around her wrists, to make sure they aren't too tight and her body quakes at my touch.

She takes a big breath and says in a whisper, "I can't touch myself.

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Well then, you need to leave that to me. You are in my care, after all, and you came to me for treatment, correct? I ease her fears by standing directly behind her head and running my fingertips under the restraints, then up her arms in unison. I caress her neck, her jaw, and run my thumb over her bottom lip, so she opens her mouth. By watching her chest heave and hips move, I know she's close.

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I leave my thumb on her lip and use my other hand to brush my fingers down the center of her sternum, just missing both breasts. I want so badly to kiss her with abandon and feel the weight of her tits in my hands, but holding back will make it so much better later. She bites my thumb and her ass flexes as she comes for the third time.

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  • The machine doesn't let up though. It keeps filling her, a little faster, and a bit deeper. She's breathing steadily and I know she isn't in danger of hyperventilating, so I move to her side and see if I can keep her going into her fourth. With my left hand, I gently touch the outside of her breast, and with my right I rub her clit.

    Do you want me to stop yet? We hit her sweet spot where she rolls from one orgasm to the next, but I have to be careful. Too much clitoral stimulation becomes ineffective at helping obtain the desired reaction, and can actually be quite painful. Right before she reaches that point, I'll switch her position. I use both of my palms to massage her pelvic bones while using all my fingers to work her clit and labia.

    She screams through number five and her legs shake so hard during her sixth orgasm, the restraint claps rattle against the stirrups. I'm achingly hard again and starting to wonder if maybe, just maybe, I could come more than twice myself. Let's see how you react on your stomach. I help her to roll over and lower the stirrups before strapping her back in. She's resting on her elbows with her hands near her face with her legs spread out in a v behind her.

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    I remove the monitoring vibrator from her ass and disinfect it before moving it into her vagina. It keeps track of every orgasm she has so I can focus all my attention on her, instead of my notes. The dildo attached to the machine is re-lubed with a numbing agent, and I ever so slowly move it between her cheeks. It always surprises me when she backs herself up to get it farther inside.

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    Always so eager to come again. I turn it back on and watch her take it in. Once she has had a few orgasms, she is so relaxed, all inhibitions are gone and she asks for whatever it is she wants. Apparently tonight, it's me. I've explained to her time and time again that I'm not a seventeen year old and a man's refractory period gets longer as he ages. While I have no problem staying hard, I can't climax repeatedly like she can. The last thing I want is her to feel inadequate. Her moans interrupt my thoughts and I give her all my attention immediately. She's holding herself up so that the clamps on her nipples brush the table under her and she's watching me, along with the dildo moving inside her, over her shoulder.

    Her teeth sink into her lip and her toes point, but she doesn't take her eyes off me as she comes. I need you to kiss me and touch me and make me come again. Bella wants me so immersed in her I forget that I'm supposed to be waiting for my turn. She also knows I can never deny her. I ghost my fingertips up the insides of her legs and then back along the outside. I lick and kiss her spine and hold her hair to the side to better reach her neck.

    Her ribs are kissed one by one as I knead her ass cheeks, which sends her into another orgasm and takes the last of her arm strength. As she lays flat on the table and tries to catch her breath, I take my gloves off so they don't pull her hair, and gently gather it together and fasten it behind her.

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    She lifts her head and I kiss her then. Her lips are swollen from her biting them and they taste like salt from her exertion. I use my hands to support her face and part her lips with my tongue. Our kiss deepens and lasts until she loses all control. Her mouth stays open wide as she comes for the ninth time but I can't stop and continue kissing her jaw, ear, and neck until her lips return to mine. She closes her lips around my tongue and sucks on it with abandon. I straighten up and shake the fog of her from my mind. Such a good girl you are to remind me. It takes all I have to not remove her from the table and take her now, or touch myself.

    I'm so hard I'm losing my ability to think straight. I take my time replacing my gloves, checking the laptop, and trying to get myself back together. Her soft little whimpers bring my focus back to her. She's grinding her pubic bone into the table, trying to find the friction she craves. I place a small silicone covered vibrator under her and watch her ass flex as she moves against it. I prepare our other machine and make sure the connections are good, so I can change her position again. Her erratic movements let me know she's close. I move next to her so that as she comes I can continue moving the vibe against her and hopefully into another orgasm.

    No, don't. I can't Which is quickly followed by, "never stop," in a breathless demand. She lays flat as my gloved fingers, along with the vibrator, move against her and she rolls through two more. I love the knowledge that only I can bring her this much ecstasy, that not even Bella herself could.