Sheep Dont Whistle (A Childrens Illustrated Fairytale)

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Could this be Little Toot on the Thames?? Tug gets towed across the Atlantic by accident and gets lost in the London Fog! Jack London, The Star Rover.

Bradley, Marion Zimmer. I think that this might be one of the Darkover books.

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There are lots of them. Take a look at this website. Any possibility this illustration could be associated with the fairy tale The Twelve Dancing Princesses? The 12 Dancing Princesses. This could be one of the many, many versions of the fairytale "The 12 Dancing Princesses" where the girls have to sneak out because their father won't let them "date. Their dancing slippers are always worn out every morning and the father cannot figure out why, since he locks them in their room at night.

Anyhow, most versions have them going through areas full of trees with glass leaves, golden leaves, jewelled leaves, etc. So this might be it, the challenge would be in finding the version that you remember the pictures from! Alternatively, this poem and variants I've seen online also talk about a tree with glass leaves.

He was also a prolific poet, and the above poem can be found in: Van Dyke, Henry. The Poems of Henry Van Dyke. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, See also T Watson, J. Try this Golden Book it may be the one. The old soldier who follows the princesses through a jeweled forest snaps one of the leaves off, scaring the youngest princess. He ended up marrying the eldest. The illustrations are lovely. Watson , The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

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It could be this -- a beautifully illustrated version, Golden Book. Sounds like the Foolish Fir Tree to me, I do remember the various pictures of the tree with its various leaves. The glass ones got broken by rain, gold ones were stolen by a passerby, there may have been some kind of red leaf that also got ruined.

Don't know if it was a poem or a story. Clare Newberry, Babette. Same as H Roberta Moynihan, Futility the Tapir, Might not be the right book, can't find a copy or a description anywhere online. I really must get some rest. After all, tomorrow I may succeed. Sorry, no description. I suddenly remembered the names of the two elves, Nip and Tuck, and it was also the name of the book!

I have sent for a beat- up copy on ebay, but copies are rare. There is a second book, Nip and Tuck in Toyland. With Santa. Ticklefeather , but I haven't read it so I don't know if there's a Tommy in it. Good luck! Negative on Lucky Mrs. But for more info on her, see the Most Requested pages. Mother used to read Timothy Ticklefeather to us when we were kids on the farm. For the past 20 years we have been searching for a copy of this poem. I was so pleased and surprised to see it spring partially into view when I put the title on the web.

Adolph Soens, It was written by my grandfather in the early 20th century in Colorado along with other peoms catagorized as "Humor and Whimsey" Timothy Ticklefeather, He caught the rain in his godpapa's cup, and nibbled on nuts that the squirrels brought up.

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His shoes were brown and his beard was gray, and he sat and talked to the birds all day. His beard was gray and his shoes were brown, and he lived in a tree and never came down. Ticklefeather, Silly Mr. Ticklefeather, what are you doing in that very tall tree? It's all very well to be friends with the birds, but suppose you fell, you mark my words. Come down Mr. Ticklefeather, silly Mr.

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Ticklefeather, down on the ground and play with me. Ticklefeather clicked his heels and said, "I know how the skylark feels. I've go my nuts and I've got my cup, and I won't fall down and I can't fall up. And all the policemen came out from town, but old Mr. Ticklefeather never came down. Poor Mr. Silly Mr. Where did he go with his beard on his knee, his shoes of brown and his godpapa's cup?

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He didn't tumble down, so he must have tumbled up. But, I really, Mr. Ticklefeather, said "Mr. Ticklefeather, "Better come down and play with me.

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I was born in Colorado in April of , so the date one of your other readers sent sounds about right. My mother recited this and Little Orphan Annie so often, that by the time I was five I had memorized them both. Glad I could help.

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There needs to be a correction on the date. I was born in My mom read this to me and I memorized some of the rhyme before moving from my birth town when I was five years old. My mother said it was in a magazine, but could not remember which one. I checked out the magazines I thought it might be in, but never found it. Thank you so much for bringing this delightful poem back to me. Regarding the tapestry story, a similar one appeared in Children's Digest Magazine, probably between and , of a princess or lord's daughter about to be forced to marry against her will.

An expert needleworker, she tried to drown her sorrows while waiting for the inevitable marriage by working on an enormous tapestry. Upon stitching a likeness of her dog into the tapestry, her dog disappeared, the likeness being so perfect he couldn't exist in two places at once. Realizing what had happened, the girl stitched herself into the tapestry to escape the unwanted marriage.

This isn't Andre Norton's Through a Needle's Eye , about a girl crippled by polio who meets an old woman with similar needleworking abilities. Molesworth, The Tapestry Room, , copyright. Possibly this is the story of Hugh and Jeanne, two small children who find a way into the great tapestry via various means little rubber attachments on the feet or by wings. Try this link These are not the correct books. The title I am looking for is The Magic Mountain. It is a collection of short stories. The first story in the book is also The Magic Mountain.

The last story in the book is The Tapestry. Neither of the two suggestions fit the book I'm inquiring about. I believe the cover of the book shows the two children climbing a mountain, but I no longer believe the name of the book to be The Magic Mountain. It may be Children's Stories. The tapestry story still holds.

Wanting to investigate a movement she saw, she finds a way to enter the tapestry in spirit form to help, leaving her body lieing on a cot beneath the tapestry. I, too, have sought for a book about 'Twinkle and Boo', two kittens who get into michief. I didn't have the right title! The answer is Dorothy Grider, The Little Ballerina , Might this be The Little Ballerina?

Check out more on the Solved Mysteries pages. Randy, a high schooler working on the railroads in the summer, finds himself tutoring a newcomer. Randy begins to suspect Burns of being a German spy. Stephen Meader is a very skilled writer of boys'' adventure book. Grandpa, Grandma, and Patrick's tallest sisters slept there. In the back bedroom a bed sat between Grandma's trunk and Mother's cedar chest.

Patrick slept in the middle of that bed between Mike and Tim. Patrick's new bed was delivered and put in the back bedroom.