The Cardiff Five: Innocent Beyond Any Doubt

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Over a decade after this approach was adopted, it is amazing how little is known about it. It is the standard that investigations should be held to. It is currently being printed. We plan to launch this book in the spring of It can be pre-ordered through this site now. Murderers sentenced to life imprisonment are given a tariff the minimum they must serve before they can apply for parole. Repeatedly, judges paid lip service to innocence, and then imposed tariffs that ignored the effects of miscarriages of justice on those proved innocent by the conviction of the real perpetrators.

The Cardiff Five Innocent Beyond Any Doubt

Either the law is inadequate and must be changed, or judges are not using their powers to show that innocence matters. But that is what happened to Yusef. Published 15 November Among other things it deals with the collapse of the trial of police officers and others concerning the original miscarriage of justice in this case and in a new Epilogue calls for a Truth and Justice Commission. The author shows how this extreme miscarriage of justice destroyed families, divided communities and undermined confidence in the criminal justice system.

But above all, it deals with the hard scientific facts of the first vindication case of the DNA-age.

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    Their project Just Tariffs will report next year. It highlights the injustice of the real killer of Lynette White being treated more leniently than Yusef Abdullahi and Tony Paris, two of the innocent men Gafoor knowingly allowed to be wrongfully convicted. The Fitted-In Project highlights other vindication cases - cases where the real perpetrator has been brought to justice after a miscarriage of justice, or if the likely perpetrator is deceased, their involvement has been accepted by the authorities.

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    There are seven vindication cases in homicides in Britain and many more around the world. Fitted-In and Sekar were the only media and journalists in the world excluded from the Lynette White Inquiry Police Corruption Trial, which collapsed in , largely because of the failures of the Crown Prosecution Service. The Fitted-In Project argues that there should be a Truth and Justice Commission to establish exactly why this inquiry was mishandled from start to finish and to facilitate the necessary changes throughout the criminal justice system to prevent repetition.

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    He has one brother, Chandra Sekar, a barrister. Siddhesh Joshi Editor I am a simple man trying to live a simple life!!!!!! Updated on Feb 17, Like Comment Share. Episode 20 satish sekar on the cardiff five case criminal justice and a national dna database. Dual Alibi.