The Lord and His Prayer

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His writing is accessible but Wright is the former bishop of Durham in the Church of England and one of the world's leading Bible scholars. The Lord and His Prayer. By reflecting on the Lord's Prayer in its original setting, N.

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Wright offers a fresh understanding of Christian spirituality and the life of prayer. Taking the Lord's Prayer clause by clause, Wright locates this prayer within the historical life and work of Jesus and allows the prayer's devotional application to grow out of its historical context.

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Lord's Prayer

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Lord's Prayer

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In both contexts it is offered as a model of how to pray. It consists of an introductory address and seven petitions. The Matthean version used by the Roman Catholic Church is as follows:. Our Father who art in heaven ,.

New Testament Prayers From the Gospels and Epistles

This concluding doxology short formula of praise in the Protestant version was probably added early in the Christian era, since it occurs in some early manuscripts of the Gospels. The prayer lends itself to both interpretations, and further questions are posed by the existence of different translations and the problems inherent in the process of translation.

Lord's Prayer.