Wolverine: Weapon X Vol. 1: Adamantium Men

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Dynamic Forces Virgin Variant. Limited to copies.


Includes Dynamic Forces certificate of authenticity. Written by Charles Soule. Art and Cover by Salvador Larroca. The escaped subjects of the revamped Weapon X program flee increasingly deadly attempts to bring them back under control.

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What will kill them first - their pasts, their strange new powers, or their mysterious connection to the Wolverine? Art by Salvador Larroca. Cover by Skottie Young. Collects Marvel Comics Presents Story and art by Barry Windsor-Smith. Finally, learn the origin of one of the most dangerous men alive. Turn back the pages of time and learn how the man once called Logan became the ultimate killing machine known as Weapon X.

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Softcover, pages, full color. NOTE: Covers on reprints may vary. Wolverine's a lot of things to a lot of people, but to one infamous enclave he was nothing but a weapon. And weapons kill people. They found that out well enough. Find out for yourself in this prequel to recent revelations of the murderous mysteries that have mesmerized our favorite mutant!

Hardcover, pages, full color.

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  • Volume 1 - 1st printing. In the jungles of Colombia, people are turning up dead, whole villages brutally slaughtered by a team of soldiers who move through the shadows like ghosts. Four Wolverine handbooks packed into one collection make this the definitive resource to the world of Wolverine!

    He may be in an acre of comics each month, but this is the only place to get the real score! Everything you need to know about Hollywood's favorite mutant is here in one collection! Collecting six action-packed tales from Wolverine's mysterious past!

    First, join Charles Xavier as he journeys deep into Wolverine's mind on a quest for answers that will shed new light on one of the darkest periods of Logan's life - his days in the Weapon X program! It's a brand-new look at the horrifying history of Marvel's most prominent mutant!

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    Next, return to the early days of the all-new, all-different X-Men for new solo adventures of Wolverine and Kitty Pryde. Professor X pairs up green recruit Kitty with the been-everywhere, done-everything vet Logan - and neither of them is all that happy about it. Plus , see what happens when the Power kids go on a field trip to the coolest school on the planet - the Xavier Institute! Hardcover, 6-in. Story and Art by Barry Windsor-Smith. Written by Frank Tieri and Matt Nixon. Art and Cover by Sean Chen. It begins with a series of unsettling dreams, but Wolverine's nightmares soon become reality: The Weapon X Program, the sadistic agency that implanted his Adamantium skeleton, has returned!

    Accused of killing a senator and imprisoned, Wolverine is "rescued" by Weapon X - but what's really going on? Which other faces from Wolverine's past are being targeted for forcible recruitment? And what is the disturbing secret of Weapon X's new director? Plus: Wolverine faces Mr. X, a martial-arts master with a fetish for death and an obsession to become "the best there is;" battles his dead mentor Ogun; and deals with the threats of Mauvais and the Wendigo! Through special arrangement with Marvel Comics, there will be only one printing of this book; get it now so you don't blow your chance!

    Cover by Salvador Larroca. The Weapon X Program has been restarted - but when its subjects escape, they face increasingly deadly attempts to reclaim them. What will kill them first - their pasts, their strange new powers or their mysterious connections to Wolverine? And what happens when they find the man with some answers: Sabretooth?!

    As pieces start to come together, the team learns that they have more in common than they thought. Coincidence, or the sign of something bigger?

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    One team member isn't what they appear to be - and one is more than they seem. But who is in charge of the overall program, and what do they gain from experimenting on mutants? And how do the escapees tie into something more sinister than they could possibly imagine?

    Author Marc Cerasini O. This all-new adult-fiction prose novel relates the cruel story of Logan's transformation into Wolverine, as seen through the eyes of his tormentors. As Logan manages to free himself from his captors, a brutal wave of violence affects all those involved.

    From the bloody aftermath of Logan's transformation, all involved in the Weapon X program endure their own personal change Can anyone survive the carnage of this bioengineering team's twisted dream? Chances are slim, as the lines between man, beast, and monster are blurred for all the players in this closed experiment. Book Market Edition - 2nd Edition - 1st printing. Collects Wolverine 1st Series Written by Larry Hama.


    Wolverine returns to Weapon X! Start a Wiki. Alternate Covers:. Carlos Pacheco Variant. Wolverine: Weapon X Vol 1 5. Joe Quesada. Cover Artist.

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    Jason Aaron. Ron Garney. Jason Keith. Cory Petit.